Leap and the net will appear

Trust in finding support through creativity

Moving into the collective

Since living in the northern lands of Australia, I have been noticing a gravitation towards working with groups and individuals. As a Vata, I have always loved my own company and found that I would dislike the competitive nature of groups that can be followed by a lack of support and authenticity.

I began my northern journey back home a bit over a year ago, where I discovered my land relationship, roots, yearnings of my relationship with self, the land and the space. From trekking through the Kimberley I was opened up by the landscape, so vast and exposing. I found a need for boundaries, space and looking within. In such a vast and difficult landscape, this lead to a yearning to connect and collaborate – support. But the question was there – “this is unusual? It’s so much easier to just do it myself.” I came to an intrinsic understanding that collaboration is human nature and I yearned for it.

When my personal boundaries are in place, collaboration and group work flourish, as I attract in aligned beings of my resonance. Boundaries and clarity assist in alleviating competitiveness, and fear. It doesn’t need to be black and white – only clear. I discovered the souls that can ensure this dimension we walk within is rich, inspiring, and successfully joyful.

By being authentically me and making choices to belong and be free, I have discovered the strength, intelligence, beauty, and magic involved when trust, safety and connection is invited in. From this knowing, where I don’t believe; I know, I felt and experienced the flow of creativity and success that is available to us. When we change, the universe expands and furthers that change. Once it started, I went with it and more and more doors opened up for me.

Reflecting on my past two years I have come to know that boundaries has turned into safety and stability, personal power, collaboration and co-creation – true relationships with others and self. Living this way, I now know there is always support – either through the collective, myself, faith, and God. Without realising or physically seeing, as humans we are always supported and working in a collective, through faith. 

It’s about leaping and the net will appear. Julia Cameron puts this nicely where “if you think there is a vast electrical sea in which you are immersed and from which you are formed, opening to your creativity changes you from something bobbing in that sea to a more fully functioning, more conscious, more cooperative part of that ecosystem.”

It makes sense that when speaking of creativity, this relates to connection and working as a part of the collective, as it all comes from the same chakra – sacral. Where we move through from our adolescent years of learning to connect and work together and socialise. I am so grateful for the messages and learnings from the top end in enriching my life with beautiful souls that I will forever cherish, and positively collaborate with in the future.

Get out there and attract your tribe.