Taking a Leap of Faith and Trusting Creativity to Find Support

Ever since I moved to the northern regions of Australia, I’ve noticed that I’ve been drawn to working with groups and individuals. However, as someone who has always preferred solitude, I’ve often found the competitive nature of group dynamics to be off-putting, especially when it leads to a lack of authenticity and support.

I began my northern journey back home a bit over a year ago, where I discovered my land relationship, roots, yearnings of my relationship with self, the land and the space. From trekking through the Kimberley I was opened up by the landscape, so vast and exposing. I found a need for boundaries, space and looking within. In such a vast and difficult landscape, this lead to a yearning to connect and collaborate – support. But the question was there – “this is unusual? It’s so much easier to just do it myself.” I came to an intrinsic understanding that collaboration is human nature and I yearned for it.

I found that by setting personal boundaries, I could attract people who resonated with me and who shared a similar desire for authentic connection. By doing this, I was able to create a rich and inspiring dimension of creativity that led to many successful collaborations.

I’ve also come to realize that setting boundaries is not just about protecting oneself from competition and fear, but about creating a sense of safety and stability. This, in turn, has allowed me to tap into my personal power and forge true relationships with others and with myself.

When we change, the universe expands and furthers that change. Once it started, I went with it and more and more doors opened up for me.

Living this way has taught me that there is always support available, whether it comes from the collective, from myself, from faith, or from a higher power. I’ve learned to trust in the universe and to take leaps of faith, knowing that the net will always appear. Without realising or physically seeing, as humans we are always supported and working in a collective, through faith. 

It’s about leaping and the net will appear. Opening ourselves up to creativity helps us become more conscious and cooperative members of the vast ecosystem in which we are all immersed. Julia Cameron puts this nicely where “if you think there is a vast electrical sea in which you are immersed and from which you are formed, opening to your creativity changes you from something bobbing in that sea to a more fully functioning, more conscious, more cooperative part of that ecosystem.”

When it comes to creativity, I believe that it is all about connection and collaboration. By working together, we can tap into the collective power of the sacral chakra and create something truly special.

I am grateful for the lessons I’ve learned and the beautiful souls I’ve met on my journey. I look forward to collaborating with them in the future and to attracting even more like-minded people into my life.

So, to anyone out there who is seeking their tribe, I encourage you to take that leap of faith and trust in your creativity. The net will always appear, and you will find the support and connection you need to thrive.