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The Importance of Your Home Environment

Why Our Surrounds and Living Environment are Important to Our Health Our surroundings, including our [...]

Creative Therapies: An Integrative Approach to Healing with Arts Therapy, Energy Healing, and Art

As a holistic and creative therapist, I have found that using an integrative approach to [...]

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Family is the foundational unit of society, and the relationships that we form within our [...]

Art as a Path to Healing Trauma: A Personal and Professional Journey

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Addictions and Healthy Addictions: How They Aren’t Necessarily Good in the Long Term

Addiction is a term that has traditionally been associated with negative behavior and consequences. However, [...]

Is it a Coping Mechanism or Therapy?

Whether you’re going to the gym, hitting the waves, or engaging in any other activity [...]

Stress and the Body: Understanding the Psychosomatic Response to Fear

Stress is a natural response to challenges and demands that we face in our daily [...]

The Transformative Power of Community Living

My Experience Living in Bali Community living has become increasingly popular in recent years, as [...]

Rites of Passage: Death and Mourning Rituals

Death is a natural part of life, and in many cultures, there are specific rituals [...]

Rites of Passage: Marriage Ceremonies

Marriage ceremonies are one of the most significant rites of passage in many cultures around [...]