All artworks, whether commissioned or non-commissioned, are subject to copyright laws and remain the property of the artist, unless stated otherwise. Reproduction of these artworks is at the discretion of the artist.
Artwork may be reprinted and shared anonymously on platforms, in the upcoming oracle deck, for exhibition and retail spaces, and on other artist-produced hardcopy products.

For commissioned pieces, reproduction by the purchaser is not permitted unless otherwise specified.


The final portrait artwork file or print is for personal use only and may be printed on physical products up to 3 times. It may not be used for third-party sales or distribution. Please see the Royalties tab for more information. 

If you wish to purchase copyrights for additional usage or to sell your art piece, please let us know and we can assist in selecting the appropriate package. This is automatically included in the “Exclusive Experience”. (However, the image may also be used in the production of an oracle deck*)

Attribution and Sharing

Artwork may will be shared with third parties and online at for promotional and engagement purposes.

I understand that sharing and reprinting of vulva and breast portraits will be done anonymously, to create transformational opportunities for others.

Please ensure that all final products or designs using our artwork include the attribution line “Designed by Caris Pepper,” whether they are physical or digital products.
We recommend adding this attribution line within the image and/or in the text description of your posts. On Instagram, you can use “Designed by @carispepper” along with a link to adherence to these copyright and attribution guidelines is greatly appreciated and helps support the work of the artist.

Royalties for Artists

Under the Resale Royalty Scheme, visual artists and other right-holders are entitled to 5% of the sale price for eligible artworks resold commercially at $1,000AUD or more.
When you decide to resell an eligible artwork for $1,000AUD or more, you should contact the relevant authority or organization responsible for managing the Resale Royalty Scheme in your region or country.
They will guide you through the process and ensure that the artist or right-holder receives their entitled 5% of the sale price. Typically, you would need to provide information about the artwork, such as its title, artist, and sale details, to facilitate the royalty payment. The organisation will then calculate and distribute the royalty to the appropriate party.It’s essential to follow the specific guidelines and procedures established by your local Resale Royalty Scheme to ensure a smooth and fair process for all parties involved.

For further information about the Royalties for artists please read my blog: Artist Royalties Scheme: Empowering Visual Artists