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Caris Pepper
Registered Arts Therapist (AThR MTAP)

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Accreditation and Training

Masters in Therapeutic Arts Practice AthR (MTAP)
Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy & Linguistics) (dist.)
Graduate Diploma of Education (TESOL & Career Counselling)

Multidimensional Channelling – from early stages in life 
Energy Healing – Japanese Elder
Shamanic Practices and Rites of Passage – Indigenous Australian Elders

Responding to FASD and Complex Behaviours
Suicide Prevention and Intervention
Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation
Addictions Aftercare & Counselling
Youth Mental Health and Rites of Passage
Mandatory Reporting and Sexual Abuse/ Assault
Emotional Anatomy and Emotional Release
Reiki I II 
250hr Yin Yoga
AromaTouch Technique

Ms Caris Roxanne Pepper, PACFA Reg.Certified Practising 29937

Session Experience

What you may receive in a session

  • Messages and direction/ support
  • Body healing – chakra balance
  • Soul Purification
  • Feminine & Masculine Energy Alignment
  • Uncover core-root UNseen blockages connected to your body and reality
  • Self Expression with your own inner healer, inner child, higher-self
  • Generational-ancestral healing
  • Activate energetic boundaries

Creative Therapeutic Practice

I weave together pioneering science and embodied ancient wisdom to help you resolve trauma, connect to your purpose, and access your creative potential. 

Whether guiding children or adults, I am devoted to cultivating greater creativity, resilience, and connection while gently leading you through any fears or blocks that might stand in the way of your authentic self.

My journey is enriched by pioneering training, ancestral wisdom, and lived experience in Arts Psychotherapy, Psychosomatic Therapy, Energy Body Practices, and Intuitive Channelling.

Central to my practice is Creative Arts Therapy, representing a culmination of over a decade of personal development and healing. With a Masters in Experiential and Creative Arts Therapy, I am a registered arts therapist, employing these techniques to co-create a transformative journey of inquiry, helping clients find deeper meaning in their lives. My focus lies in assisting with specific issues such as addiction, abuse, and trauma, providing unwavering support for both children and adults.

In addition to philosophical insight, I often use holistic, intrinsic methods learnt first hand from reiki elders in Japan and Indigenous Australian Shaman elders, to enhance the process by encouraging a deeper connection to emotions. This, in turn, leads to greater acceptance, awareness, and an increased possibility for permanent change.

During my journey, I discovered that my gifts extended beyond the visible world. I’ve been blessed with multidimensional abilities to feel and see entities, dimensions, spirits, and energy, connecting with faeries, creator gods, God, and even clearing home spaces from a distance. Guiding your energetic body for soul purification, I offer visual and spiritual messages, energetic balance, and alignment, uncovering hidden blockages that hinder your growth.

As a teenager living in Japan, I was introduced to Reiki by an elder healer for physical pain relief. Embracing the essence of Reiki became an integral part of my holistic approach to understanding my gifts and nurturing my energy body.

Moreover, I have the privilege of being with and learning from Indigenous Australian elders, immersing myself in their shamanistic culture, sacred women’s business, and rites of passage. This ancient wisdom now runs through my DNA, shaping my being and the way I practice and experience life. Both of these practices helped me to hone my abilities in the energetic and multidimensional channeling healing fields, as I integrate these knowings as a part of my being and who I am.

In my practice, I weave together these teachings together to provide a holistic, unique and transformative healing experience for those seeking a profound transformation.

I am passionate about my work and believe that every challenge provides us with an opportunity for growth and development. While self-awareness is often a challenging process, it is through this acceptance and change that consciousness, peace, and fulfilment are achieved.

Caris’ Story

I am in deep gratitude for this work as it totally changed my own life, therefore I cherish and appreciate each client deeply as I know the courage it takes to show up for our healing.

Having experienced physical injury, early life trauma, unhappy and unhealthy relationships and developing damaging coping mechanisms which perpetuated the pain I was feeling, I came to my healing yearning for answers knowing there must be another way to experience life with ease and joy. 

I was a submissive people pleaser, I constantly sought validation from outside myself and often felt unaccepted and lost. Along the way I also injured my back. I was self victimised, I dealt with the pain and it was at least two years from breaking my back that I found out I had broken it. I learnt to “be quiet” and keep going as I continued to struggle with pain for 5 years. As I got older these beliefs led me to harmful coping mechanisms. 

Through out all this, I always knew I wanted to be a creative, make art and help people. But how could I help others if I wasn’t doing the work?

My body was screaming at me to look at itself and so I was searching furiously for a modality that would assist me in my healing. My inner knowing for spirituality and personal development compelled me to keep searching. I knew I could heal myself. I just needed to find the right support to lead me through.

I was in my early 20’s when the experience of seeing a therapist who “saw” me changed how I viewed life and healing forever. It made me realise how much joy I could experience in life by reaching out and receiving. Not being scared of being alive!

I realised I needed to heal my traumas and body and uncover my true essence to feel free and create the life of my dreams.

Firstly, I trained in Philosophy, Education, and later as a Yoga Teacher and Creative Arts Therapist. I developed a Holistic Health practice with the intention of healing my all areas of my life from the inside out. 

I made a choice to heal my wounds around physical and emotional pain, and wow – what a journey!

Arts Therapy broke all systems that where taught to me, it deinstitutionalised and allowed me to crack open and see a bit more of me from an experiential perspective. A relationship was growing with all that around me as I came more into my body. 

I started creating, listening to my body, connecting back with nature and the elements. I understood the importance of unearthing all of my repressed emotions, bringing my old stories to light and rewriting them, taking my pleasure and my desires into my own hands I reclaimed my creative and shadow self and transformed my pain into joy, creativity and magnetism. It was some of the most transformative years of my life.

This is why I chose to train professionally in this field as I know first hand how powerful this work is.

Maybe therapy is a perceived luxury, but from my experience it is a necessity. To go through life without doing creative work of any kind is a bigger tragedy than paying for a creative therapist or coach. I say this because I know the impact of doing my creative work has had on my life and the healing power and beauty it holds to bring success into our lives.