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Caris Pepper
Visual Artist

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I hold an intrigue for light, nature, and the profound connection to the land, which has led me to live and experience different countries, cultures, spaces, and places. To be in harmony with my environment is of utmost importance to me.

I see the world as a magical place full of textures, colours, and vibrancy, where I notice shades of colours, auras, and the subtle interplay of light. My sensitivity to the environment easily inspires me, and life, like my art, revolves around rhythms and the inherent interconnections.

In my artistic journey, I serve as a vessel for visions that transcend the boundaries of the visible world. From an early age, I have held the gift of clairvoyance, blessed with the ability to see colours and auras in their most vibrant hues and attuned to the subtleties of sight, hearing, and feeling. Through my inner vision, I access the depths of our dimension, witnessing energies, beings, and visions that inspire my art. Each stroke of acrylic paint breathes life into abstract scapes, capturing the essence of ethereal and physical environments I have experienced. These vibrant artworks are more than mere artistic expressions; they hold the essence of healing energy, imbued with the intention to inspire and uplift. Drawing from pastel and sunrise colours, each piece emanates the profound beauty and tranquility of nature.

Whether I am responding to my environment or a particular moment in time, my creations tend to channel visions, emotions, and healing, influenced by cultural experiences. Predominantly using acrylics on canvas, my art reflects my appreciation of the environment through colour choices, subjects, and techniques. I enjoy portraying what I am or have felt, sensed, or experienced; whether it has been influenced by a place, space, or a being.

My purpose as an artist is to be a channel of inspiration, inviting viewers to step into the healing realm of my art, connecting with the energies and visions that flow through me and my heart. My art is feelings expressed where words can not convey them. Just as I embark on a transformative and enlightening journey in the creation process, I wish for those who experience my art to embark on a journey of their own.

Gallery Representation

2023 – Current Expat Life Style

2022 – Current Hedonist Store, Canggu Bali

2021 Ulu Garden, Bali

2018 – 2019 Crystals Margaret River

2016 – 2017 September Red Cloud Art Space, Yallingup 

2016 Swings and Roundabouts, Yallingup 

2015 – 2016 Goanna Gallery, Yallingup 

2013 – 2015 Kate’s Place, Albany


2013 Albany Agricultural Show Porcelain Painting Exhibition
First Prize: Article by a novice
Second Prize: Article contemporary, stylised or abstract


2021 November Ulu Garden, Uluwatu, Bali: Women’s Celebration

2015 November Goanna Gallery, Yallingup Summer Solo Exhibition

2015 April Albany Festival of the Sea (Easter Saturday)

2014 April Great Southern Art Award Exhibition

2014 April Vasse Art Award

2013 December Vancouver Art Centre – End of Year Exhibition

2013 November Albany Agricultural Show Ceramics and porcelain exhibition

2013 September Great Southern Art and Craft Trail

2013 October Vancouver Arts Centre – 9”x 5” Exhibition

2012 December Moores Building Fremantle Exhibition