Self Acceptance and Physical Manifestations

The Power of Co-creation

I’ve been so grateful to be able to work with the magnificent Charlotte Emma Johnston Coach over the past two months (or more if you count lifetimes) We’ve shifted so much and co-created space to allow for energetic blockages to be seen and understood, were Charlotte has particularly supported me this week as I navigated through old and deep seated patterning.

These past weeks for me have been all about self acceptance. Being in the feminine receiving energy, taking risks, doing what I want to do. The pose shown is one of self love and acceptance to open the heart and expand creativity – the greatest connector to the divine.

I’ve always believed that everyone regardless of where we’re at in life needs stable, wise and creative support in the form of a therapist, spiritual guide, mentor, or coach. Even the therapist needs a therapist. We’ve all got shit to uncover and own up to for it to change. And uplifting each other because of a lived experience that you can relate to and guide someone else through – Gold. What astounding wisdom we have to share with each other.

Awareness of Self

This Pisces full moon has been a poignant time for me to shine a light on my fear of success which was underlying self acceptance. I was scared of success or showing my true self because I believed that my abilities could make others around me feel uncomfortable, resulting in not being accepted by others or belonging. This steams back to believing what I was constantly told as a child that I’m “too smart, too good at something” even for just speaking. And the list goes on. I responded by feeling guilty whenever I was to feel joy, pleasure or reward for something, therefore I never celebrated successes – goodness I didn’t even enjoy celebrating my birthday – my existence. At the same time I had a conflicting pattern arising of “well if I don’t try my best what’s the point”. If I don’t do well then I’ll feel like a failure. I was defeated. I couldn’t win the fight with my self. I was highly competitive with myself and sort after success in every way but only to feel emptiness, guilt or repress the joy and down play the achievement. I learnt to dim down my abilities, hide away, avoid, quieten myself, and suppress my thoughts and repress my emotions. Putting myself in a teeny tiny box to be accepted by others.

Physical Manifestations of My Beliefs

Repression of emotions of course manifests in physical form yippee!! the body tries to bring my attention to addressing the emotional root of the problem by being in pain or dis-ease. The tall poppy syndrome led me to a lack of identity, self trust, self acceptance and self love. The physical and behavioural manifestations I experienced because of this limiting belief were skin breakouts, scoliosis towards the masculine, poor boundaries, collapsed midsection, listlessness, emotional eating, addictions and self harm. These presented in the solar plexus chakra area which governs those emotions and holds the energy of identity and self empowerment.

Addressing Dis-ease

I didn’t want to feel and think those ridiculous thoughts anymore and of course I want to CELEBRATE and enJOY my successes so they uplift others – YOU! because inspiration is the real power in celebrating success. It’s even more empowering when we heal a deep seated wound.

Through the beauty, wonder and healing power of creativity and amazing support from other therapists, capacity filled sister friends and coaches, I’ve managed to support myself through some beautiful releases which have been simple and enriching but oh so challenging. I’ve learnt to feel joy in being me! Kiss and hug yourself and feel the love. This gives permission for others to love you the same, celebrate together and uplift each other.

If you’re already aware of and can see some things coming up for you in your body. Pay attention to those alarm bells alerting you to the problem. I can assist you to navigate how to listen to the pain and actions steps towards transformation. Reach out – I’m here.