The Importance of Self Acceptance and Addressing Physical Manifestations of Beliefs

Self acceptance is a vital aspect of personal growth, and addressing physical manifestations of limiting beliefs can help individuals live fulfilling lives. As therapists, we understand the importance of co-creation and seeking guidance from fellow professionals to navigate through deep-seated patterns.

Charlotte Emma Johnston Coach has been instrumental in helping me navigate through energetic blockages, allowing me to work towards self acceptance. Through this process, I have learned to embrace my feminine receiving energy, take risks, and do what I want to do. Opening the heart and expanding creativity has been a key factor in my journey towards self love and acceptance.

Therapists Require Therapists: The Power of Co-creation

We all need stable, wise, and creative support in our lives, whether it comes in the form of a therapist, spiritual guide, mentor, or coach. Even as therapists, we need therapists. By uplifting each other through our lived experiences, we gain wisdom and insight to help guide others.

The recent Pisces full moon has been a time for me to shine a light on my fear of success, which was rooted in self acceptance. I feared that my abilities would make others uncomfortable, leading to a lack of acceptance and belonging. These feelings stem from being told as a child that I was “too smart” or “too good at something.” As a result, I would feel guilty for experiencing joy or reward for my accomplishments.

This pattern led to physical manifestations in the form of skin breakouts, scoliosis, poor boundaries, a collapsed midsection, listlessness, emotional eating, addictions, and self-harm. These physical and behavioral manifestations all stemmed from a lack of identity, self-trust, self-acceptance, and self-love.

Through creativity and support from therapists, sister friends, and coaches, I have been able to release limiting beliefs and embrace self-love. Celebrating successes is empowering and can uplift others. By addressing physical manifestations of beliefs, we can transform our lives and live to our fullest potential.

If you are experiencing physical manifestations of limiting beliefs, pay attention to your body and seek guidance from a therapist. I am here to help navigate through the pain and take actionable steps towards transformation.