Gratitude Journalling: How to start a journal

Feeling motivated to start a journal this year? Check out these prompts and ideas on how to journal to help you get started.

Last week I hit a wall – I just woke up one day on the wrong side of the bed feeling off. So I decided to stay at home and feel into what was going on in my body. I felt into the emotions arising, however as the day went on I just couldn’t shift the funk. Until – I thought yes my journal. I sat down and began to write how I would feel if all the things I wanted were happening in that very moment.

My body was being tricked! I started to feel so amazing as my cells started to believe what I was writing was true. Such a powerful process – and so much fun!

I ended up feeling so elated and confident in my power and life that I had loosened those rough edges for the day and moved the energy along.

This way of journalling is called Scripting: where we write as though our dreams and wishes are happening right now and how that would feel in first person.

I was only introduced to this style of journaling last year after over 10 years of consistent journalling and I’ve never felt a style so AMAZING! Early in my practice, it was hard to come up with something new to write about every day. A lot of my journaling got pretty redundant for awhile, before I got good at it.

There are so many ways to journal!

Gratitude Journalling: How to start a journal 1

OOGLING – Act “as if” (verbal journalling/ speech)
SCRIPTING – Write “as if”
GRATITUDE – what are you thankful for?
FREE STATE – streaming (don’t censor your thoughts)
DIARY – reflections on what happened today
WANTS – keep going until you get to 300! cover all aspects of your life
TRIGGERS – explore the ‘why’ and root cause of your trigger

Find your style that works for you or download a list of gratitude prompts to help you get your gratitude journal journey started!

A gratitude practice is an easy and great way to train yourself to focus on the good things in your life.

Use these journal prompts to help you built a gratitude practice for the next 30 days. Before you know it, you’ll have created a daily habit that can grow with you!

Turn journalling into a lifetime habit!

Gratitude Journalling: How to start a journal

I recommend a simple journaling process to begin with. You can do this practice in so many ways:

  • on a sticky or post-it note
  • in a simple, spiral notebook
  • in a section of your diary or planner
  • or, you can buy a special journal
  • on the FREE template download available from @carispepper

Just remember, it’s the act of gratitude that is most important, not how fancy your journal is.

Once you’ve got a place to write, you just make time every day to write something you’re grateful for!

When is a good time to journal?

  • First thing when you wake up
  • Just before you go to sleep
  • Anytime you want to dissipate, shift or work through something
  • When you want to explore an idea or emotion
  • When you want to amplify an emotion or feeling
  • You are triggered
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What to write or draw in your journal?

It can be something as simple as one line in your journal, or a full journal entry that goes on for pages. Mine vary in length depending on my mood, what pens I have on hand, and how much time I have.

Not sure how to get started? Grab your Gratitude Journal Prompt free resource below to help you come up with ideas for your first month!

Download a copy here for free!