What is Gyotaku?

The Japanese circa 1800’s (scientific recording), art of Gyotaku, was once a practical way to record marine species, and to measure and record the fisherman’s catch. Gyotaku means Fish – Rubbing. Gyotaku is traditionally printed on delicate rice paper to reproduce the exact features and characteristics of actual, individual fish. Depending on the size of the fish, the inks and canvases used, it is an intricate process and somewhat particular art form.

Do they use real fish in Gyotaku? Yes! Living by the coast I have recorded species from Salmon, Bream, Herring and Dhufush. I am an animal lover and believe in sustainability and ethical practices, ensuring that each fish I catch and paint is also eaten. Visit my shop page to see available Gyotaku pieces or follow me on instagram.

Caris Pepper Visual Artist Workshops - Gyotaku