Caris Pepper Visual Artist Workshops - Gyotaku
In case anyone is curious about this fish printing business, I’ve only just experimented in the past year how to do this tricky Japanese art of catching – printing – eating fish.

Firstly, the name for this type of art is gyotaku, Japanese – meaning fish rubbing. Back in the day (1800’s) Japanese fishermen used the methods of gyotaku as a way of recording their catches.

There’s a bit of a knack to it depending on the size of the fish and the inks and canvases used, however I’ve managed to capture a bream, a couple of herring and a salmon. Looking forward to nabbing a squid! Check out some of the prints I’ve finished in my portfolio – they can be quite interesting with their detail of scales and fins.

I’m always on the look out for new specimens, so please free to get in touch with me and see if I can come over for a visit and immortalize a catch for you!