Breathe Magazine Featured Interview

A Place of Ease: reimagining the creative process from a perspective of joy and ease

I’m delighted to announce that I’ve been featured in the latest edition of Breathe Magazine – Issue 60. This is a fantastic opportunity to be interviewed by Heather Grant for a publication dedicated to overall well-being, covering a spectrum of topics such as health, fitness, mental well-being, lifestyle, the arts, creative pursuits, and travel.

Discover more in Issue 60 as we embark on a journey challenging the conventional belief that pain is the exclusive pathway to creativity. In my interview, we explore the idea that profound creativity doesn’t necessarily have to be rooted in inner torment. I provide insights into the widely held notion that “pain is a necessary component of artistic genius,” shedding light on how such beliefs can perpetuate harmful ideas about mental health and contribute to the stigma surrounding seeking help and healing.

Imagine breaking free from the stereotype of the tortured artist and embracing the lightness and simplicity that creativity can naturally bring. Join me in reimagining the creative process from a perspective of joy and ease.

For a more in-depth look, you can read the full article in Issue 60, available in PDF format. Thank you for your continuous support!