Aligning with the Earth’s Chakra System: A Guide to the Energy Centres of the Planet

In some spiritual and energy healing traditions, it is believed that the earth also has chakra points or energy centres. These points are thought to be located at key power spots around the planet and are associated with specific qualities or energies. The concept of the earth’s chakras is often tied to the idea of ley lines, which are believed to be channels of energy that crisscross the planet.

One commonly cited system of the earth’s chakras includes seven points, similar to the human chakra system. These points are:

  1. Root Chakra – Mount Shasta, California, USA
  2. Sacral Chakra – Lake Titicaca, Peru/Bolivia
  3. Solar Plexus Chakra – Uluru-Kata Tjuta, Australia
  4. Heart Chakra – Glastonbury, UK
  5. Throat Chakra – The Great Pyramid, Mount Sinai, and Mount of Olives, Middle East
  6. Third Eye Chakra – Kuh-e Malek Siah, Iran
  7. Crown Chakra – Mount Kailash, Tibet

Some people believe that the chakra points of the earth are in a state of shift, with certain areas becoming more prominent as energy centres. One such example is the heart chakra of the planet, which some believe is shifting from its traditional location in the area of Glastonbury, UK, to a new center in Hawaii. This shift is said to reflect larger changes in the energetic makeup of the planet, with different areas becoming more or less active as the planet’s energy shifts and evolves. Other changes that have been noted by those who study the earth’s chakra system include shifts in the position and activity of the root chakra (which is said to reflect the planet’s connection to the physical realm), as well as changes in the location and prominence of the throat and third eye chakras (which are said to reflect the planet’s communication and intuition, respectively). While these shifts are still a matter of debate and speculation, they offer an interesting perspective on the ways in which the energy of the planet is constantly changing and evolving.

It’s important to note that not everyone believes in the existence of the earth’s chakras, and the specific locations and qualities associated with them may vary depending on the tradition or source. However, for those who do subscribe to this idea, visiting or meditating at these locations can be a way to connect with the earth’s energy and promote balance and harmony within oneself and with the planet.