Shadow Work: Healing Trauma

Free meditation for shadow work

Instead of taking the painkiller for the stone in your shoe; let’s take the shoe off and find the stone. You may find you never even wanted to wear the shoes in the first place!

Even if there are stones on the path, you can see them and choose whether to step on them or not.

Are you feeling physical or emotional pain from a trauma you can or may not be able to identify?

After years of pain from a broken back, I broke it again! I then delved into my passion of creative expression and kinesthetics to find deeper resonances of the connection between the physical body and our emotional wellbeing and thoughts. Discovering on the way, and still unlocking, latent gifts that we hold as intelligent human beings. Our bodies are such amazing self healers if we can be aware of and assist it.

I have worked with hundreds of children – in particular adolescents, trauma victims, children at risk, refugees. In schools, safe houses, private practice, in cities & out bush. I’ve worked with children from all over the world. Creating. I have listened to their insightful, moving experiences.

  • A child who didn’t know their birth name because he was kidnapped so young, he was trained as a child soldier & lost his leg on a landmine.
  • A child who was in refugee camps in 3 different countries over 5 years; after fleeing her village after she had been hiding under the bed her parents were being raped & murdered on.
  • Children who wanted to be in jail because it meant belonging & safety.
  • Children who had been sexually abused or assaulted.
  • Children who didn’t have caregivers.
  • Children who felt alone; whose parents had separated; who didn’t feel loved.

We all have our pain, physical and emotional. It doesn’t matter what it was or the perceived magnitude when we look back on it as an adult. As a child it felt traumatic. It’s relative and affects us. If we don’t get access to support in our youth, we hold onto that trauma more strongly, deeply & with commitment. It’s comforting. We get very good at hiding it (even from ourselves), because maybe we didn’t feel it was “big” enough or we wont be accepted if it comes to light.

I worked with children to empower them & show them their voice, however, these children helped me. They showed me what I was holding onto. I empathised with each & we co-created healing through arts therapy & this enabled me to start to heal my child wounds. Through my work I realised that children could make changes, but unless they were supported by their family or an adult, these changes could not fully be implemented or transformed. The extended healing is with the parents, caregivers & role models – the community. Even though I love working with adolescents & children, I fully believe in healing our child-selves as adults & journeying with people who did not get the opportunity to work with a therapist as a child.

Do you have shadow work, or intergenerational trauma that is holding you back? I help adults & adolescents move through trauma & transform their lives through the healing power of creativity. Read my story here. Contact me to book a confidential Clarity Call, I’m waiting for you.