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Age 39

Ethnicity British

Have you given birth vaginally? No

Why did you choose to get art of your vulva?

To continue deepening the connection to my Self, my body, my femininity and my sexuality. To be able to remind myself everyday of the beauty of my Yoni.

What was your relationship with your vulva/body before the artwork?

I guess my relationship with my vulva had been quite nondescript. I had been taking the time to deepen that relationship, but it just wasn’t a part of myself I’d really been fully aware of.

My relationship with my body had been quite traumatic for most of my life, until recent years when I began healing and understanding and loving my body.

Has your relationship with your vulva/body changed post artwork process?

Definitely – I feel more grateful and connected to my Yoni. I feel more proud of her and how she looks and what she’s experienced and more open to express that part of myself through my relationships.

If you could give your teenage self advice about your body image, what would you say?

Your body is your best friend. Nothing your mind has been programmed to believe about your body to this point is true. If you do only thing in this life, be sure to make it loving your body every single day. Everything you ever need and desire will be born through this connection.