Pleasure (Mary Magdalene) 1

Pleasure (Mary Magdalene) 2

Pleasure (Mary Magdalene) 3

Model’s Testimony:

I loved the process of capturing my vulva and sending it to Caris. Having done the work to fall in love with my vulva over the years, I jump at any chance to celebrate her. But I didn’t expect to be so mesmerised and amazed at how Caris managed to capture her. It allowed me to fall in love with her on a whole other level and I am so happy and grateful I was able to experience this process. This is such a portal to embracing and celebrating female bodies – it’s so needed.





Have you given birth?


Why did you choose to get art of your vulva?

To journey deeper with my yoni

What was your relationship with your vulva/body before the artwork?

My relationship with my yoni was good before

Has your relationship with your vulva/body changed post artwork process?

Yes, I feel even closer and more connected to her

If you could give your teenage self advice about your body image, what would you say?

Our bodies are all different and all beautiful, there is nothing to be ashamed about and create as deep of a relationship with your body as possible