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Model’s Testimony:

I hated my vulva. I didn’t even know what it looked like to hate in the first place. I found it ugly and taboo that I never looked at it and always disconnected from any relationship with that part of my body. This to me was normal behaviour.
Through this artistic process of actually looking at my vulva, and seeing it made into art, along with it being compared to others; I now understand that this is the creative and intuitive centre. A sacred place that I will be tapping into daily for guidance. A shame that my learnt cultural experience around bleeding and my womb and the way it looked was for a man’s pleasure and an “inconvenience” if it were not available or “right”. I was not taught as a young adult to listen to my body and honour my cycles.

This process has allowed me to move closer to deeper self acceptance. Looking at my vulva compared to others eliminated my own criticism about what it’s meant to look like. I realised I am as unique as everyone else, there is no “right” way to look or feel. Everyone is completely different and stunningly beautiful in their own right. Mesmerising.
It’s mine to use and be; I realise the power and magic that it holds. Women and men are created to create – and this space assists us to create what we truely desire. I see this and have experienced this now after an amazing unlocking and personal journey to now have a relationship with my body.

Thank you for embarking on this co-created journey to be seen and understood and aligned with what I want to create.