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Model’s Testimony:

Ooooh I love them ?? I now feel about my vagina that she is so pretty and ripe and juicy and full of flavour and colour and is as beautiful and unique as a flower ?

So that’s pretty great!! Considering I first wanted to call her chub chubs only a few weeks ago ?

Before I felt embarrassed, squeamish, shame, worried about whether mine looked ‘right’ or was the right shape, I felt silly and giggly and resorted back to being a teenager going through puberty, feeling awkward and embarrassed and unsure of myself ~ now I feel like it’s been a real rites of passage process, like the conversations and opening up of feelings that I never had the words or space to express…it was like reliving that teenage time as an adult and being able to do it properly.

Learning that all vaginas are different, that every single one is beautiful and so perfectly unique in its own way. That we’ve been conditioned with so many degrading things about our vaginas that it’s no wonder so much shame and shyness is carried there. I now feel like a woman, with my own beautiful flower that I feel more appreciation, love and respect for! And a new sense of love and comfort between friends by going through the process and having those conversations you so need as a young woman but rarely get to have. ☺️ It’s been a really beautiful and healing process ~ has surprised me how much it has lifted and shifted things