Joy 1 Joy 2 Joy 3

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Have you given birth vaginally?: No

Model’s Testimony:

I like my vulva. But because I don’t see her that often, I don’t feel that connected than for example with my hands, which i see all the time. But she’s happy, that I tune in regularly. I blamed her in the past of not performing as I wanted (during sex). However, today I am very gentle to her and listen to her needs. Same with my body in general. But to be honest, I am more critical with my body (belly and butt) than with my vulva.

I see my inner beauty and uniqueness, but I am also very strict to myself. I criticise my body a lot which I know, it’s not right but it’s coming up in not consciousness moments.

Since I know more about my human design, I start to appreciate and like my personality, weakness & strengths. And from this process I desired to feel even more connected to my vulva. I was magnetised to receive this art work because I had a vision of me and my children, doing some oracle cards and asking them which yoni is from Mami?

If I was asked to describe my viva in one word it would be JOY.

Looking at my Vulva (your draft) for a longer time let me recognise how much joy is in her. But It’s still a bit hidden. You can see it, but I feel she doesn’t believe in herself yet.

Before your draft I called my Vulva Marilyn (from Marilyn Monroe) for some reason. Maybe because she’s beautiful but deep in her she feels not loved enough.
Since I look at your draft I feel JOY fits better. Even it’s not fully 100% expressed yet, I see and feel the potential of her.

Thank you for your work!