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Age: 56

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Have you given birth vaginally?: No

Model’s Testimony:

As I grew up in a quite conservative community. Sex and body positivity wasn’t talked about. My sex talk with my sweet mother was after I was when she found out I was pregnant (5 months along) with my son. and she said “Well if you’re married you have to do that, but if you’re not why would you want to”? this explains a lot about what my mom’s sexual experience was like for her. I was an unwed mother at 19. As a young woman I didn’t ever think about my needs in sex, it was a way to feel loved. I didn’t appreciate my own body and the magnificent gift she was/is. I continued to feel wanted and loved for mostly my body and so I think I disconnected from her. I never even looked at my vulva until I was older. As I have aged I am working on loving the older, softer chubbier body, and finding the magic of my own body including and in a big part, mostly my vulva. So to have the art work done was a decision I made to bring me authentically close to my vulva, to appreciate the gift she she as a portal to bring souls into this world ,the magic she brings to creation of my life and life itself. I have loved the experience and feel so honored to have Caris as the person who has created this experience with me.

Before the artwork it was a limited relationship except to give me orgasms to release and create, or to let men in to feel loved myself.

I adore and love the magic of my vulva now, and as I said above, I know that she is the portal to bring souls into this world, the magic she brings to creation of my life and life itself. I am at a place in my life where I only want the energy of the best intentions and love to enter her. I will not feel pressured or guilted into sex with a man who only wants to conquer her. It will be my decision when it feels right to me. and that decision can change at any point. She deserves, as i do to be cherished and only receive energy that is high vibration and pure.

If I could give my teenage self advice about body image, I would say:

Enjoy your body, love her! You don’t owe her to anyone. Every stage is beautiful and every shape is beautiful. Don’t hide or dull your sparkle for anyone. If your body offends someone that is their problem. Whatever makes you feel confident and whole, do that without shame or guilt.