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Rites of Passage: Teenager - Young Adult Transition

Transition through rites of passage as a teenager / young adult

This program is also available in person.

Strengthen family relationships (parent-daughter)
Reunite parent-child relationships through mediation

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Women’s business, community and growth.

2021 – Register your interest

Support your daughter through their transitional years. 

Have you noticed a change in behaviour? Feelings of uncertainty, depression, heightened anxiety. Eating behavioural changes and or friendship challenges?

Develop trust and assist your young adult to become independent and connect to their community to build strong relationships and heighten self esteem. 


Being a teenager is in fact one of the most difficult and biggest transitions a person can ever go through. 

It is a time of great emotions and physical changes. 

This is for you if:

  • You’re aged between 15-17
  • Female
  • Need support, guidance, mentorship
  • You’re wanting to increase your confidence and self awareness.
  • You want to experience the freedom of being your true authentic nature.
  • You feel like you’re constantly second guessing yourself, unsure of the life you’re living, of the decisions you’re making of where you’re going next?
  • You want to discover more about yourself and who you are – your identity
  • You want to be empowered, self assured, and resilient.
  • You have experienced bullying, segregation, an old trauma, or continued abuse.
  • You want to feel confident to know your needs and ask for them.
  • Longing for friendships and sense of belonging. 
  • Understand the self – become more self aware
  • Develop your artistic and humanistic talents
  • Connect with your peers
  • Know how to ask for help
  • Understand trauma
  • Release negative beliefs
  • Develop a grounding routine
  • Embrace your identity 
  • Shift behaviours and patterns
  • Path to self care 
  • Stillness and deeper connection and meaning to life
  • Develop healthy relationships

This is a supportive container which requires your dedication and self compassion.

8 weeks

  • Sexual health and consent
  • Safety
  • Relationships and connection
  • Finance
  • Health and Routine
  • Autonomy
  • Self Compassion
  • Identity

Unlock your Creativity

Unblock, unlock, and connect to your creative power.

A unique program adapted from the Artist’s Way and personal experience.
If I can do it – you can too! This program helped me change my life from blocked artist and job seeker to self directing, trusting self and creating when and what I like with abundance. 

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Lessons to help you find & grow your passion into a side hustle, so you can finally make the leap into doing what you LOVE!

You are ready! Ready to awaken your creative soul to uncover your desires, experience self care, joy, and pleasure?

Harness your creativity, be connected to yourself, land and country, and discover your passions.

Are you stuck in a story? Experience creativity with ease so that you can feel energised and confident in your decisions; understanding that serving yourself uplifts others around you so that you can effortlessly share your gifts with the world. 

I help you realise your potential so that you can be your true-self; by digging deep, witnessing, and being an example in order to validate your own powers.

Guiding you go through your process of creating, I help you get unstuck by looking into what is holding you back from creating and doing work you feel called to do.

It has nothing to do with what you want to create or whether you to paint, write or build. It’s gentle encouragement and an understanding of how a creative process works.

Creatives to critics… This is for you!

Do you sing in the shower? Do you paint and sometimes show people? Were you always writing plays and stories as a child for your friends and family to act them out?

Now you’re working in an office job, or you’re a food critic, art critic, running an art gallery, being a talent manager – essentially helping and assisting other artists and creatives live out their creative dreams and succeed in their passions rather than pursuing your own.

I see you! You creative gem – and people want to experience your creative gifts!

It’s about time, and it’s never “too late”.

This is for you if:

  • You’re desiring to feel more creative and more connected to yourself.
  • Ready to turn your side hustle or passion into a profit?! 
  • Your expectations of yourself are so high and unrealistic that it’s too much to take on, so you don’t create.
  • Maybe your problem is that you don’t get started in the first place.
  • You’re not sure what your gifts are or how to express and share them.
  • You know something more but feeling clueless and not sure how to start exploring that.
  • You do not self care or have energy or motivation to start with self.
  • You are a pleaser who struggles with moderation in giving (boundaries and assertiveness). Debilitating selflessness
  • You have not found a strong sense of self – love, empowerment, courage.
  • You feel guilty or underserving of pleasure or fulfilling your true desires.
  • You experience crippling self criticism and negative thoughts about the self.
  • You feel lost/ stuck/ unfulfilled. – Uncertain about the future
  • Experience panic attacks – anxiety
  • You constantly think to yourself – “I could do that” when looking at someone’s art or creative work.
  • You think it’s too late to start.
  • You think it’s been done before.
  • You think you wont be successful or make enough money.

I can tell you – It’s too late to start when you’re dead!

This is a life changing course designed for everyone and anyone. You may have a passion that you never pursued, you may do some artistic exercise as a hobby, or you may not be sue what artistic talents lie beneath. Perhaps you’re a lawyer wanting to connect further into your writing and communication abilities and feel more aware of your skills and passions.

A Creative Unlocking is a course designed to uncover your creative gifts and abilities – see them and share them with the world. Unblock all your set backs and ideas that you can’t do it and let’s do the work together to unlock your gifts!

  • Understand the self – become more self aware
  • Spark your creativity
  • Develop your artistic and humanistic talents
  • Connect with your inner-child
  • Shadow work
  • Start creating
  • Release negative beliefs
  • Attract success and abundance
  • Develop a grounding routine
  • Uncover the mask, connect deeply and develop courage to share who you are
  • Discover your passions and purpose
  • Embrace your identity & embody your intuitive gifts
  • Shift behaviours and patterns
  • Path to self care to effortlessly share your gifts with the world
  • Stillness and deeper connection and meaning to life
  • Evolve your work and life into the creation of your dreams
  • Develop healthy relationships
  • Let go of what’s been keeping you small and be empowered to transition into the next version of you

This is a supportive container which requires your dedication and self compassion to explore your creative gifts, inner child and unlearn all that was holding you back and untrue.

Month One


Spark your creativity – help you to develop your artistic and humanistic talents. 
Connect to yourself, creativity and power; awaken your soul to discover your passions and purpose.

  • Safety
  • Identity
  • Power
  • Integrity

Month Two

SHIFTING behaviours and patterns

Uncover the mask, connect deeply and develop courage to share who you are. Let go of what’s been keeping you small and be empowered to transition into the next version of you. 

  • Possibility
  • Abundance
  • Connection
  • Strength

Month Three

EMBRACING your creativity

Embrace your identity & embody your intuitive gifts to effortlessly share them with the world. Understand the path of self care to evolve your work and life into the creation of your dreams.

  • Compassion
  • Self-protection
  • Autonomy
  • Faith


Caris helps people believe and celebrate all that they are. She puts them on a path of success and abundance.

Tess / Australia

Caris is an incredible listener who holds space in such a gentle, empathic and intuitive way. She is truly a gifted healer and intuitive that uses her wide range of knowledge and expertise to help suit your specific needs to best aid you on your journey.

Caris also isn’t afraid to go to the root of things and hold space for deeper emotions to arise, all the time while holding your hand through her skilled and gentle presence

Olivia / Belgium

Caris awakens people to themselves, allowing us to pay attention to the things we forgot. She helped me remember and that there are countless possibilities for change. 

Caris sees things in people and shows them themselves. Caris showed me how I can look after and respect myself and proved to me that I can.

She showed me that life doesn’t just happen and I can’t play the victim any longer. I have the ability to take control of my life and take responsibility.

Grace / Indonesia