managing Uncertainty Series

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3 Session Series

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Wondering how to feel right now and looking for clarity?

A creative online anxiety support series, assisting you over three sessions to build control, motivation, and direction in uncertain times.

It’s been a season marked by chaos, confusion, and fear. As these times are a first for many, you may be wondering what’s next. You’ve just got a handle of this time in limbo and now things are starting to move and change into something we still have no certainty around.

  • Finding yourself slipping into familiar destructive patterns in an effort to cope?
  • Feeling emotionally drained to even start thinking or planning ahead?
  • Are you experiencing intense highs along with the lows?

Whatever your situation, you’re not in this alone.

This is why Culture Coach and Caris Pepper are positively bursting to guide you to the gift of awareness, inspiration, and community as you navigate these turbulent waters.

LONG WEEKEND RETREAT – Three x 1 Hour Online Group Sessions

Session 1: Building a Plan
Session 2: Navigating a Loss of Certainty
Session 3: Finding Purpose

We bring a heart centred approach; imparting simple tools to assist you to keep yourself afloat and navigate unfamiliar times.

Each of us is worried about the current situation, the threat to health, isolation, uncertainty about the future unexpectedly intertwines our everyday problems. Some deal better with this, others worse. The way and pace of adaptation to new circumstances depends on our personal predispositions, experiences, as well as the people who surround us.

If you feel that anxiety is preventing you from functioning normally, get help while
staying at home. Do not wait for stress to paralyse you and weaken your immunity – Get online professional guidance.

Workshop sessions are conducted through an online secure video platform. While many clients appreciate the convenience and comfort of online therapy, it is important to ensure this works for you. I offer a free 10 minute consult to test Internet connection and comfort level. I am typically able to respond fastest to email inquiries. 


Caris helps people believe and celebrate all that they are. She puts them on a path of success and abundance.

Tess / Australia

Caris is an incredible listener who holds space in such a gentle, empathic and intuitive way. She is truly a gifted healer and intuitive that uses her wide range of knowledge and expertise to help suit your specific needs to best aid you on your journey.

Caris also isn’t afraid to go to the root of things and hold space for deeper emotions to arise, all the time while holding your hand through her skilled and gentle presence

Olivia / Belgium

Caris awakens people to themselves, allowing us to pay attention to the things we forgot. She helped me remember and that there are countless possibilities for change. 

Caris sees things in people and shows them themselves. Caris showed me how I can look after and respect myself and proved to me that I can.

She showed me that life doesn’t just happen and I can’t play the victim any longer. I have the ability to take control of my life and take responsibility.

Grace / Indonesia