Only for 18+ This product and receival of images is only available for women over 18 years.
This information & artwork produced may be reprinted and published anonymously on platforms, in the upcoming oracle deck, and on other hardcopy products by the artist.
As an arts therapist sharing and reprinting of works will be done in an anonymous manner and is to be shared with other people to create transformational opportunities for other women. At no point is sharing the work intended to expose or compromise the model's privacy in referring to your portrait with anything other than an exhibition title.


Under the Resale Royalty Scheme, visual artists and other right-holders are entitled to 5% of the sale price of eligible artworks resold commercially for $1,000 or more.

The artist maintains ownership of copyright and can reproduce commissioned work at their discretion.

This listing is for one custom yoni drawing jpeg and pdf, this file is for personal use only, and can be printed on physical products up to 3 productions.


Please include the attribution line “Designed by Caris Pepper” on the final products or designs you use artwork for, whether these are physical or digital products.

It is recommend adding the attribution line “Designed by Caris “Pepper in the image you are using and/or in the text description of the post, together with a link to (except for Instagram, where you can add “Designed by @carispepper”.