Filling this application is a way for me to get to know you a little and your needs prior to meeting, and to make sure you’re a good fit for one of my limited spots in my programs.

If I invite you to the container, you will receive an intimate, customised experience leaving you heard, reconnected and self empowered. 

I only work with a handful of epic young adults and women at a time to make sure I can deliver the results all while feeling calm, confident and aligned with the process.

I am only speaking with people who are committed, coachable, and determined to grow. Please only fill this form if you are wildly committed to your future and your success and you’re ready to implement he techniques I teach you. 

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I applaud you for joining me in the self-care movement to discover deeper levels of who you are through empowerment, awareness, authenticity and action! Seeking guidance and support towards navigating the growth of life is one of the most empowering gifts we can give ourselves and I am honoured to walk with you on this journey.

Understanding who you are and what you really want are the prerequisites of leading a purposeful life. Creating greater meaning and purpose in your life is the journey back home. This is the process of remembering who you are, beyond the limiting beliefs, egoic masks and negative past experiences.

The foundation and successes of my work is due to working with creativity, the body, mind and soul holistically. When you come to know who you are (self alignment), your life organically starts to reflect the embodiment of your growth, healing and transformation. My role is to ensure you gain the momentum to achieve your desired outcomes by implementing a range of therapeutic and coaching processes that create the life you want.

I am deeply passionate about connection, self expression and supporting people to transform through personal growth and awareness. I embody a grounded, nurturing and sensitive therapeutic approach through my use of Lifestyle Coaching, Emotional Release Therapy, Reiki, AromaTherapy and Arts PsychoTherapy frameworks. This empowering blend of holistic therapies and empowerment coaching ensures that you are supported through healing unresolved physical, emotional and mental issues.

The purpose of my sessions are to:

+ Unlock your creativity to uncover your true self and purpose
+ Reconnect daughters with their families and strengthen family relations
+ Assist with the transitions of life for young adults through rites of passage
+ Create a safe space for healing, release and transformation
+ Provide grounded and practical steps towards reaching your desired outcomes
+ Getting to the core issues amounting from prolonged stress, ill-health or past trauma while relieving physical symptoms.
+ Create symbolic understanding through education around the connection between body-mind symptoms and lifestyle related choices.
+ Support self alignment through connecting you with your true identity, value and purpose
+ Support you in moving through blocks and challenges that often arise when walking the path of being your authentic self.

I look forward to walking beside you in your journey of transformation and witness your personal evolution of coming into alignment with your authentic self.