Do you often like to be photographed from a certain side or angle?

When you look in the mirror, have you ever noticed the asymmetry of your face?

See the true you in your face.

‘Being witnessed’ is one of the most healing and empowering ways to connect to your self and your essence.

Receive an in depth Face Analysis to understand and uncover the psycho-emotional meaning behind the physical shape and form of your face. You will gain deep insight about how you face the world and the masks that you wear.

Your unique reading will include the psycho-emotional meaning behind your:

  • overall face shape
  • most prominent feature
  • individual features
  • relationship of features to chakra anatomy
  • masculine and feminine qualities
  • gifts and challenges

You will need to photograph the front and side of your face. You will receive your written analysis via email within 7 business days from purchase and receival of your photos.​

Face Analysis 2