Devotion 1 Devotion 2 Devotion 3

Model’s Testimony:

Age: 30

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Have you given birth?: No

I left my dream life at the age of 21 looking for the path of my Soul. I learnt to live with anything and also with all the luxuries. I worked as whatever was available in order to live where I wanted to live. I started my spiritual path 6 years ago where I discovered the real meaning of Devotion

From then onwards it has been a path of devotion to god, the divine, the divine inside of me, myself, devotion to my practice, devotion to love, devotion to my job, devotion to my partners, to my shadows, my inner work, devotion to life.

Everything brings me closer to myself, my essence, my real purpose

Why did you choose to get art of your vulva?

To love the portal of creation, feminine power and mystery that I am. To meditate as a portal of possibilities and creativity. To remind myself of my beauty

What was your relationship with your vulva/body before the artwork?

I always loved her even if I felt ashamed of it when I was a teenager. But after the artwork there was a proper CONNECTION. Like… hey you!!! Can’t escape now

Has your relationship with your vulva/body changed post artwork process?

Yes, she feels honoured and I feel this was exactly what I needed to complete the starting cycle of boundaries in my life

If you could give your teenage self advice about your body image, what would you say?

Curves are hot, girl