All my programs are a powerful combination of offerings to transform not only myself time again but also others. This combination includes Arts Therapy, Business and Transformation Coaching, along with my personal experiences and holistic practices. 

My programs & courses contain over 10 years’ worth of education, knowledge, and personal experiences that have changed the lives of many. These online life hacks will save you time, confusion, overwhelm, and money, so you can focus on what’s really important, YOU. 

The programs are designed in a way so that we can easily journey and excel no matter where you are at on the health, wellness, business or ‘woke’ scale.

Programs run over a 3 month, 6 month or ongoing period fr ultimate integration, investment in self and transformation. 

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Embrace your identity & embody your intuitive gifts

Say YES to connecting deeply and experiencing courage to share who you are.

Do you long for self-acceptance, belonging, and to connect deeply to experience courage to share who you are?

Listen to the deep feeling inside of you that has been trying to get your attention for so long and awaken your soul to connect deeply with nature, country and your internal culture. 

It is my purpose to show you that there are infinite ways to express yourself, validating that it’s safe to be authentic and different. 

Professional Development

Join other individuals who are ready to take their lives to the transition to the next level.

  • Public speaking
  • Leadership and communication
  • Increased awareness
  • Increased confidence
  • Sense of belonging


Evolve your work and life into the creation of your dreams

Evolve into the next version of you. Live in freedom, empowerment, and authenticity to inspire the world.

There are many people who make a major career change at an older age and after many years in an industry they know very well.

Perhaps there is something new you wish to explore, maybe the new option is more lucrative, or perhaps the change represents a dream you have held for a long time.

You may be harbouring some ideal way of life that will require a major change. Is this wise? Yes, of course it is, if this is something you have a deep need to explore. If you have held onto this for a long time, it is something you have to do. Make no apologies going forward!

Allow yourself to open up and let go of what’s been keeping you small and be empowered to create your dream life and relationships.

I help guide you on a path of success and abundance by helping you believe and celebrate all that you are, so you can bring you visions to life.

If you’re experiencing repeating problems or hitting your performance limits in particular areas like your purpose, career or finances, and can’t figure out why or how to breakthrough to greater results?

If you’re looking to map out your career path or are struggling with a decision around a career change, I can help you get clear on long-term goals and possible paths. We can work on options and evaluating potential positions. For those who need structure, and plans, accountability can be established.


Caris helps people believe and celebrate all that they are. She puts them on a path of success and abundance.

Tess / Australia

Caris is an incredible listener who holds space in such a gentle, empathic and intuitive way. She is truly a gifted healer and intuitive that uses her wide range of knowledge and expertise to help suit your specific needs to best aid you on your journey.

Caris also isn’t afraid to go to the root of things and hold space for deeper emotions to arise, all the time while holding your hand through her skilled and gentle presence

Olivia / Belgium

Caris awakens people to themselves, allowing us to pay attention to the things we forgot. She helped me remember and that there are countless possibilities for change. 

Caris sees things in people and shows them themselves. Caris showed me how I can look after and respect myself and proved to me that I can.

She showed me that life doesn’t just happen and I can’t play the victim any longer. I have the ability to take control of my life and take responsibility.

Grace / Indonesia