Are you ready to believe and celebrate all that you are, to create and forge a path of success and abundance?

Therapy and coaching programs are created to help guide you simply, lovingly and without overwhelm into stepping into the powerful & purposeful life you are here to live.

Remembering that everybody is different, we look at your unique situation and tailer a program to help you find the answers only you have.

For this reason it is important to delve into what you need. Let’s get clear on your goals and discuss how we can work together to achieve your visions.

If you are here, then you are ready!

You want to know yourself more.
You are seeking to uncover your truth and realise your wants and needs.
You are seeking a life of authentically and awareness.
You are willing to confront limiting beliefs, past conditioning & unhealthy behavioural patterns.
You are seeking a mentor and coach.
You are ready to feel inspired again and supported to change.
You value ongoing growth over quick fix solutions.
You resonate with the concept that the body, mind and soul are one, or want to explore further.

What is Creative Arts Therapy

No, it’s not all just painting on canvases! You also don’t need to be an “artist” to participate and reap the benefits. The Arts Therapies are a form of psychotherapy utilising creative modalities, including visual art-making, drama, and dance/movement, within a therapeutic relationship to improve and inform physical, mental and emotional well-being (ANZACATA). As a psychotherapy, arts therapy isn’t designed to “solve and diagnose” something, more to bring awareness and value to the ongoing relational process and what is present for the inquirer. Facilitators (Companions) are professionals who have extensive knowledge of, and are able to practice supportive and educational theories and techniques. Arts Therapy works with people of all ages, in a variety of settings.

MIECAT arts therapy paradigm orientates towards the acknowledgement of the present moment, the relationship between and the process which unfolds.  As the inquirer you will be supported within that ever changing moment. 

Together we explore what is coming up for you in that moment by representing these through creativity means. We explore deeper the themes and experiences that run through you. Art Therapy allows you the opportunity and space to address your emotional needs and internal feelings, which you may not always have the opportunity to do, may not be capable of doing verbally or physically, or are not commonly invited to do.

Art Therapy is about engaging with the materials available and communicating visually; a whole brain psychotherapy for when words are not enough.

  • Express feelings and release past traumas that may be difficult to verbalise
  • Create, safety, positive boundaries, see your triggers and regulate your emotions
  • Develop a routine for life balance and freedom
  • Freely express stress and anxiety (emotional release)
  • Co-create a journey of individuation
  • Embody a positive identity and embrace your intuition
  • Amplify self-esteem and self compassion
  • Define values and beliefs to help you gain a sense of what really matters to you, and how they affect your behaviour
  • Attracting success and positive experiences 

It is my purpose to show you that there are infinite ways to express yourself, validating that it’s safe to be authentic and different. 

Are you adjusting to or anticipate a big life transition such as school, a new career, a relationship, parenthood or a move and it’s causing you anxiety? Conflicted about how to approach a current struggle with a loved one or at your job and it’s keeping you up at night with worry? Or do you have some negative experiences from the past that just keep you feeling stuck? I understand the struggles in finding a therapist who understands. 
Within a safe therapeutic environment young people and adults have the opportunity to connect experiences with emotions, learn healthy communication skills, and develop tools for managing life’s challenges. I strive to help individuals find empowerment in learning tools for self-advocacy and self-care through the power of creativity.
Let your soul express its longing beneath. With Creative Arts Therapy at the heart of the practice, sessions are an intuitive integration of a range of creative therapies dependent on your initial consult and the developing nature of your needs.
Hang in there

Inspire Change


  • One 120-min 1:1 initial Arts Therapy/ Integrative session
  • Online or In-Person
  • Gain support
  • Explore your creativity and access current areas of need
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1:1 Sessions 1

One Month Motivation


  • One 120-minute Arts Therapy/ Integrative session

  • Two 60-minute Arts Therapy/ Integrative sessions

  • 4 weeks of email support

  • Motivation and explorative exercises

  • Tools and resources to keep you on track

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Caris Pepper Arts Therapy Paint on hands

Transform Your Life


  • 3 or 6 month program

  • One Initial 120-minute kick starter session

  • Three 60-minute sessions per month

  • Email support

  • Motivation and explorative exercises

  • Tools and resources to keep you on track

  • Business and leadership mindset
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Release physical and emotional pain and unwind from stress into a state of balance and increased energy; working towards your preferred way of being and optimal health.

Understanding that the mind, body and soul are interconnected, I incorporate bodywork modalities and theories for a holistic approach to your situation.

These include aromatherapy, yoga, emotional release, spacial and meridian balance clearings and activations, emotional anatomy, and channelling, to support and guide you through your own self discovery and healing process.

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AromaTouch Technique, Margaret River Region


60min Aromatherapy Essential Oil Application

I relied on this modality when I was deep in pain with Ross River Virus for three years, (bed ridden for one).

The oils work to activate and clear the meridians of the body when applied in a certain way. I hobbled into my sessions on crutches in debilitating and excruciating arthritic pain. Leaving relaxed and moving more fluidly without the aid of crutches. They also work to provide emotional relief and clearing, as well as supporting the physical functionality of the body.

The main purpose of the AromaTouch Technique is to apply CPTG essential oils for health and well-being benefits, and create connections on an emotional level.

Each essential oil in the AromaTouch Technique was selected for its individual aromatic properties, and for their powerful aromatic properties when combined.

The AromaTouch Technique uses specific guidelines and instructions for both dosage and application that make it a safe and effective way to receive the full benefits of essential oils. The AromaTouch Technique is gentle and can be adapted to accommodate young or sensitive skin so that anyone can benefit without the worry of overwhelming the body. – doTERRA

Reiki can be applied to this modality to involve an all round intuitive energy and touch session. 


Reiki + Intuitive Channelling
Reiki session by Caris Pepper


60min Reiki Energy Balance and Activation, intuitive Visual Reading. 

This is for you if you are have been experiencing anxiety, sleep issues, confusion and are wanting to gain clarity on where you are at and want to head, are experiencing physical pain or emotional blocks.

I work with your energy and source to bring the body back to relieve pain, create balance, and deliver messages or confirmation of ideas that may be keeping you stuck.

We work with the meridians of the body and the aura to promote grounding, removal of past life contracts, attachments and balance energy meridians within the body and aura. 

Emotional Anatomy + Self Alignment
1:1 Sessions 2


Emotional Anatomy Package

1 x 120min Initial Consult

1 x 60min Emotional Anatomy Assessment

1 x 60min Self Alignment Session

Are you feeling disconnected from yourself and your body? Are you suffering from physical pain or illness, or feeling drained and tired? 

Reading the body and its structure gives insight into beliefs and thoughts which govern our bodies. With a comprehensive and intimate assessment self awareness can be increased on where and how the body is responding and compensating for your feelings and thoughts. These can then be brought to reflection and attention for release and ultimately change. 

Using the body as an access point, I guide you how to observe the body and its constitution, structure and kinesthetics to reveal psychosomatic meanings and values/ beliefs highlighted. These relate to what is happening for you at the time. Intuitive and psycho-educational techniques, are then used to support and guide you through your own healing to a preferred state of being.

Join me on a co-created journey to understand the root cause of issues that are affecting you from leading the life you want. 

Increase your self awareness from further self inquiry and understanding of what your body is trying to communicate with you.


Caris helps people believe and celebrate all that they are. She puts them on a path of success and abundance.

Tess / Australia

Caris is an incredible listener who holds space in such a gentle, empathic and intuitive way. She is truly a gifted healer and intuitive that uses her wide range of knowledge and expertise to help suit your specific needs to best aid you on your journey.

Caris also isn’t afraid to go to the root of things and hold space for deeper emotions to arise, all the time while holding your hand through her skilled and gentle presence

Olivia / Belgium

Caris awakens people to themselves, allowing us to pay attention to the things we forgot. She helped me remember and that there are countless possibilities for change. 

Caris sees things in people and shows them themselves. Caris showed me how I can look after and respect myself and proved to me that I can.

She showed me that life doesn’t just happen and I can’t play the victim any longer. I have the ability to take control of my life and take responsibility.

Grace / Indonesia